• The worlds 1st turbo charged Chevrolet SSR.
  • The worlds 1st 8-speed automatic, rear mount turbo GTO.
  • Some of the 1st GM based 455ciLS1, including LSX.
  • ECIRS 2-time bracket racing champion '96 Impala.
  • 990+ RWHP, gas pump, street driven, LSX, twin turbo, '06 GTO.
  • 1st North American G8 to make 13,12 & 11 second passes.
  • 13PSI stock, short block, 346 LS1, 600+RWHP.

Featured in Pontiac High Performance with JBA, Vortec & Race-Prep for a GTO.

Worked with Magnacharger, Pedders, AFR & RPS in product development.

Other HP Achievements

Being in the performance tuning industry for almost 20 year and making a "notoriouSS" name for himself, Tad Banzuelo decided to make a career out of finding that lost horsepower. With a wide array of talents, Tad believes that every vehicle can use a tune, weather it is for fuel economy, driveability or horsepower. He enjoys tuning the common grocery getter, the gas guzzler or the greatest of race cars. He has gained notoriety among the car community for being able to solve the unsolvable, he is the go to guy that will teach your grumpy car proper street manners.

Enjoying a day at work...


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